Weather @ Your Desk 4-3-21 10AM

CBS4 News meteorologist Jennifer Correa's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- Talking about weather with meteorologist Jennifer Correa. And it is a cloudy start.

JENNIFER CORREA: Definitely a cloudy start, Keith. It's also windy out there. Now this picture, it's a beautiful one despite the cloud cover. Taken by Melissa Gessner in Prembroke Pines. And we have another photo, this one taken earlier at Vista Park, Fort Lauderdale, Shelley Walker trying to take a shot of what the sunrise looks like this morning. It's a cloudy one, the rays trying to peek through the cloud cover out there. And these are altostratus clouds. So they're going to be hanging around for some time. These are hard to burn out.

And so it's a rather cloudy day. Look at that surf. Some whitecaps out there, we'll get to the details on that high surf advisory. But right now, the temperature along the coast, basically 68 or 69 degrees. Farther inland, temperatures are a little bit cooler. Let's talk about these beach headlines. High surf advisories in effect, especially for coastal Broward and coastal Palm Beach County.

Now Miami-Dade, the surf is still on the rough side. But the larger breaking waves are really farther North of Miami-Dade County, around 5 to 7 feet. That's pretty impressive. And no doubt, it is dangerous because there's also this strong current, dangerous rip currents out there. So that red flag for high risk of rip currents will be flying on the sand all weekend long. And also small craft advisory.

So boaters, keep in mind that those seas along the coast can occasionally get up to 8 feet out there. The wind's gusting to 25 knots today. And the North swell continues at 3 feet. It is choppy and for our bays and the intercoastal as well. 65 degrees in Marathon as well as in Kendall, 63 in Weston. So those are the cooler temperatures on the map and along the coast in the upper 60s. That breeze out of the Northeast topping 20 miles per hour sustained by gusting at least at 25 miles per hour. That's in Marathon, 22 in Miami, and Pompano Beach.

Let's talk about this wind gust forecast. So no doubt it is gusty today, at least at 25 miles per hour. Then that wind gusts subside. A little bit by tomorrow, around 20 miles per hour. And then by Monday, wind gusts will drop off, which means our sustained winds will also drop as well. Also along that Northeast breeze, we're dealing with a light drizzle. It's not a huge impact at all. Look at that cloud cover though. That is sticking around for some time. All thanks to this high quickly sliding offshore into the Atlantic, especially during this time of year. We start to see those high pressure systems slide off really fast.

And so we had the return of the Northeast wind rather quickly, as early as yesterday. In fact, there was some drizzles out there that did go through Broward County. That was yesterday. All right. Highs today, 74 degrees. That is below the average for this time of year. 76 tomorrow with still the chance of a few passing showers.