Weather @ Your Desk 4-29-21 5PM

CBS4 News chief meteorologist Craig Setzer's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- No chance for rain. The problem is, is that I wasn't invited with you guys. I see that as a problem.

Here's what's going on right now. Our Windjammer Resort Camera, lots of blue out there. Looking pretty good this afternoon. A gentle onshore flow, and a few waves breaking the beaches. 85 in Miami. 85, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, and 83 in Key West.

Five on the stickiness scale. The humidity has come back today. Feels like 91 right now. And a southeast breeze at 16 miles an hour.

Lows this morning not that low in the mid 70s. Then current temperatures, feels like [INAUDIBLE] from the mid to upper 80s to the low 90s across the area. So definitely the heat and humidity are here. And unfortunately, they are here to stay. The breeze southeast, anywhere from 12 to 17 miles an hour right now.

That's how that looked through the day today, showing just a few clouds blowing by. Had a few little showers pop up over there on the west coast But other than that, looking pretty good here on the east coast.

Bigger picture showing a little more moistening of the atmosphere in the coming days. By tomorrow, a little bit of moisture around. Could see some spotty showers around tomorrow. And then could see some thunderstorms over the weekend. I say spotty rainfall here because there's a chance of a few showers at times, and then chance of a few thunderstorms at times.

That's Saturday. That's Sunday. Not a big bull's eye over us. That's good. That means that any rain that we do get will just be spotty in nature. And that's Sunday evening into Monday. A little batch of moisture moves back in. So we're kind of in a little bit of a pattern here where we might see some spotty showers in the coming days, right into and through next week.

Across the South and Southeast tonight, it's a little bit quieter. We had quite a bit of severe weather last night through Texas, and some overnight tornadoes in parts of western Arkansas, western Tennessee, and southeast Illinois. The bigger picture showing just this big line of showers and storms all the way into the Northeast. And that line separates warm temperatures to the Southeast from relatively cooler air back to the Northwest.

Here's our forecast, then, for tonight. A warm night, a gentle breeze. A low temperature in the mid 70s for tomorrow. Look for a mix of sun and clouds. Very warm temperatures into the upper 80s now. A few showers also possible.

On the water, wind's southeast, 10 to 15. [INAUDIBLE] about two feet. Light chop on the bays, and the surf temperature is 80.

Taking us through the weekend, it's looking warm, looking humid. And we could see some spotty showers or a few thunderstorms around here or there. No cold fronts in sight. I think we are stuck in the heat. Back to you.