Weather @ Your Desk 4-17-21 6PM

CBS4 News meteorologist Dave Warren's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

DAVE WARREN: A good call there. Yes, loose fitting clothes, or if you want to run, make sure you do it early. Because by the afternoon, temperatures are into the 90s. Keys camera, speaking of the Keys there, showing a little haze out there. But bright sunshine.

The sunset sailors are out this evening. Southwest wind, that's what's keeping us is-- keeping it pretty hot here. Pushing the hot air right up against the East Coast. You don't get that nice sea breeze coming in. A bit strong, though.

10 to 15 miles an hour struggling, for that sea breeze to develop. Wind might be a little later tomorrow. So maybe just a touch cooler in the afternoon, right up against the coast. Upper 80s, we've already hit 90 degrees there in the Keys, just a little cooler. But still pretty warm with that breeze.

Southwest wind continues, showers moving along this front, which is stationary. That will stay there, and that continues to give us that southwest breeze. Not much in the way of rain, at least for tomorrow. So typically you might get a shower to cool things off.

We're not seeing that here with this computer forecast, going each hour overnight tonight. Pretty hot with just a few more clouds. There's the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. Low pressure developing along this, maybe trying to bring it a little farther south. It'll bring some of the moisture south with it.

But temps are still easily climbing into the 90s tomorrow, right up against the East Coast to that southwest wind. There's that sea breeze trying to develop, might drop into the upper 80s late afternoon. Now overnight tomorrow night to Monday, still pretty warm, but that area of 90-degree temperatures is shrinking just a bit. It's getting a little cooler to the north.

A few showers are starting to work their way south. But the heaviest rain, Tampa to Jacksonville, next three days that is inches of rain. Here in South Florida, pretty low on that risk with just that scale. We'll just see a few spotty showers developing. By the end of the week, though, this will be our weather pattern. There's a front coming in, and it'll move south.

A gusty ocean breeze develops behind this. So it's a little cooler Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a few showers. Temperatures may still just be right about 90 degrees. By Thursday and Friday, though, we're dropping down into the mid to low 80s, right about where we should be this time of year. Southwest wind, 5 to 15 knots tomorrow, two-foot seas, like chop in the bay.

So on the water is just a little cooler. 92, near record highs again tomorrow. That breeze is southwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. Temperatures get a little cooler Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with spotty showers. But it's not until Thursday you see that cooler breeze coming in.

We're dropping down to 84 Thursday, 85 on Friday, and we're warm it up just a bit there on Saturday. Back up to 87 degrees. Keith, back to you.