Weather @ Your Desk 5-29-21 10AM

CBS4 News meteorologist Jennifer Correa's weather outlook for South Florida.

Video Transcript

- All right. Let's change gears, talk about the weather. Here's meteorologist Jennifer Correa. Do you feel a little bit of pressure because you know this is a weekend when everyone is outside doing something?

JENNIFER CORREA: Yes. No, I don't really feel that pressure. I mean, usually we know what to expect. And you know what, Keith? I think it never fails that we get a little bit of rain on Memorial Day Monday. But before we get to there. Let's talk about what's happening for today. And so far, the morning has been nice. A bit of a cloud cover here in this photo, but beautiful start in Fort Lauderdale Beach. It was very early this morning. In fact, I think the sun was still just below the horizon. Debra Prodromos took this lovely photo.

Now, the beach is certainly calling. Look at this. [INAUDIBLE] by the sea. Crisp, blue skies. I think there's still a lot of dry air that's going to limit the rain chances for today. But each and every day, the humidity goes up more, the moisture goes up more, and so do the rain chances. Now, the surf, less than a foot. People already out, of course, claiming their spot on the sand. The rip current risk for today is low and UV index is certainly on the extreme side. So I recommend the beach umbrella, and of course, the sunscreen.

Temperatures warming up to 80 degrees in Miami. Still holding on to the 70s in Broward. Upper 70s there. 81 in Kendall, as well as in Marathon. 80 degrees in Key West. Now, it's been a cold wind for the most part, basically a light breeze. But the winds will turn out of the South-Southeast for this afternoon. Could be anywhere between 10 to 15 miles per hour. And also by the way, this morning, even though we've seen a lot of clear skies out there so far, there's been just isolated showers, and so far showers impacting mainly the Upper Keys into Biscayne Bay.

So Ocean Reef, another round of rain for you. And in Biscayne Bay, these showers are just dissipating as they head into the southern part of the Bay. So really overall, not a huge impact. This forecast model here is initializing a little more aggressively with the showers. But as we work our way through the early afternoon and the rest of the day, you notice the east metro areas are dry. I'm not going to rule out an inland shower. But for the most part today, should stay mostly dry. Then a different story as we work our way tomorrow morning with showers right along the coast. Then in the afternoon, daytime heating will set in. And we're expecting some heavy downpours late in the afternoon and evening hours.

So Sunday, we're going to have to watch out for that. And even Monday we have the chance for thunderstorms as well. So warm and humid today. Highs today, 89 degrees, the breeze out of the South-Southeast. No advisories for boaters out there. And so it's a nice day, not only to go to the beach, but to go out for some fishing. Get ready for those storms tomorrow and on Monday with the chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Also, well, the start of hurricane season is coming up June 1. But before then, catch our Hurricane 2021 Preparing in a Pandemic. It starts tonight at 7:30.