CBSN Minnesota Morning Update: Hot Enough For You?

Jason DeRusha reads the latest headlines and asks for viewers' dumbest sayings about the heat wave (12:27). CBSN Minnesota Morning Update - June 10, 2021

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JASON DERUSHA: Thursday morning on the CBSN Minnesota Morning Update. I'm Jason DeRusha. Thanks for hanging out with us, spending a little time with us this morning as we bring you up to date on the news, the weather. Have a little bit of fun, too.

We're going to talk about the heat. I know, you can't believe it. Is this the only thing that people have been talking about all week? I say yes. Pretty much yes.

Today, meteorologist Mike Augustyniak says it's going to feel like the hottest day of this stretch. So you think you've made it. You've made it through seven days. You've gotten sort of used to it. You're not even complaining that much anymore.

But alas, it's going to be about 97 or 98 today. And it will feel like 104. And let me tell you, that six degree difference, it's going to be a game changer. Like 98, you're like, I can do it. I'm fine. 104, you've been defeated by the weather.

The good news is-- I'm just kidding. There isn't any. It's going to be hot for another, what, five days? Is that about right?

- Yeah.

JASON DERUSHA: It's fine. Mike's over here, so he can--

- I'm enjoying a delicious beverage.

JASON DERUSHA: He's enjoying a delicious beverage. Is that Topo Chico? We are looking for a sponsor for the CBSN Minnesota Morning Update. And if you like Topo Chico, we'd love to take your money, right?

- Si.

JASON DERUSHA: Just directly deal with Mike and I. We'll work out the finances. The heat is all everybody has been talking about for the last eight days. And so after asking you many questions like which would you rather, 40 below or 90, or would you rather be shoveling snow or wiping sweat, today we thought we'd ask what's the dumbest thing that people say during a heat wave.

Minnesotans, we love talking about the weather. I think, generally, when people-- some people get mad at the complaining about the weather. I think complaining is how we collectively cope. We're not really complaining. It's fine. We know it gets hot in the summer.

Oh, I like what we put on screen. Hot enough for you? That's pretty good. So what are the dumbest things people say, the dumbest comments, the lamest observations? We will read them.

Be funny. We need your joy. We need your comedy, because this, clearly, is not getting it done. So share your best comments on our Facebook page, and we'll read through it in just a minute.

We do know a lot of people have been cranking the AC this week. And if your AC goes out, you know you're going to be hosed on this. Of course, when your AC goes out and it's 98, it's not going to be good. But there's another issue that is unique to this year.

Twin Cities HVAC servicer Snelling Company in St. Paul says they're seeing demand double for AC fixes and installations during the heat wave. Fine, that's normal, right? We've got supply shortages, though.

Are you like me? Have you been geeking out about supply chain issues over the last year? Oh, my kids love hearing us talk about it.

Yeah, Snelling Company has been in business for 90 years. They say it's hard to get common air conditioners, common parts right now, the refrigerant, the cooling agent needed to make those air conditioners work.

- We're receiving probably two to three times what we would normally receive in terms of calls. We got service people working from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 or 11 o'clock at night.

JASON DERUSHA: Boy, no fun. This was fun, though. Look at what happened at this soccer game. I believe this is the Fernbrook Fields in Maple Grove. Luckily, not real grass. It's turf, so it drains a little better. But look at the hail coming down. You still see the smoking hot sun.

And this was one of those pop-up storms that Riley, and Mike, and Chris, and Lisa have been telling us to be ready for during the last couple of evenings. And this was quite an event there. It looked like the soccer players were having fun with it, at least. Yes, everybody. And with the camera, Kate Smith of Mendota Heights. Thanks for sending that in.

Minnesota State Capital, one of the architectural gems in this state, has been closed to the public since March of 2020 because of COVID. It reopens today. And for sure this summer, I'm going to bring the family over and take a look. The building's only going to be opened weekdays for now.

Weekend hours will come into play. We don't know exactly when, but they say they're resuming at a later date, which is a very Minnesota State Government statement to give to the media. Oh, so when you gonna open for the weekend? A later date. We'll resume it at a later date. So watch for that.

We have learned the world's largest meat processing company ponied up big time ransom. Big time. So you've heard about these ransomware cyber attacks where criminals are going after the infrastructure of major parts of our economy. And they went after JBS, the Worthington plant here in Minnesota. It was one of more than a dozen that shut down last week.

So the company says they paid $11 million. Whoa, right? Mixed feelings on this, because what do you do? You don't want to reward the criminals by just paying the ransom.

But on the other hand, you don't want farmers to be stuck with animals that are ready to go off to be processed. You don't want all these workers to be out of work. So JBS said they did what they had to do. And investigators believe that these cyber criminals are based in Russia.

A rare sunrise eclipse put on a heck of a show earlier this morning. Look at this, isn't that cool, from NASA. This is not what the sun looked like here in Minnesota, but this is what it looked around 5:30 or 6 o'clock this morning.

This is the view from over northern Canada. And this eclipse was the moon sliding between the sun and the Earth. And they call this the Ring of Fire. We would play the song Ring of Fire here, but we don't have a sponsor for this show, so we can't afford the rights.

After a two-year wait, Twin Cities Pride Festival activities will begin next week. Some things will be different. Some things will not. So we know that most of the COVID restrictions are gone. But they were lifted such a short time ago, organizers were not able to really get a parade together, a large concert, fireworks. Just not enough planned.

Next Thursday is the Grand Marshal Gala Event, which will honor two well-known faces in the fight against COVID, Nick Zappo and Jan Malcolm. There they are, as we saw them during so many news conferences.

Now, for the first time, Pride organizers are going to charge to attend the event. And they say they really need to raise some money so the party can go on.

- After not having the events in 2020, we are really scraping the bottom of our funds. And in order to be here next year, we really need to raise the funds this year.

JASON DERUSHA: Now there will be some funds raised because they are still doing the two-day festival with food, and vendors, and every corporation in America that wants to make it look like they care about gay rights. So all of their tents will be there. So the money will be raised there. But having a year off is tough, for sure.

And this goes to July-- July 17 and 18 this year. It'll still be free for all of us to go, and attend, and enjoy. I read a poll that said something like 30% of Americans believe when companies send out a news release about Pride, that they're only doing it for the publicity. So that's what people think, anyway.

Big party is underway in Red Wing for the reopening of a historic building. By the way, nothing wrong with doing something for publicity if you also are doing good. That's fine. We think that's fine.

All right, how about this? I thought this building was never going to reopen. I thought they were going to have to knock this sucker down at Red Wing, because a car slammed into Liberty's Restaurant.

And this building, we were watching it live on the Morning Show and thinking, man, I hope it doesn't topple, because the building was built in the late 1800s. You have all of the brick facade that fell apart. But the structure was intact, and the community rallied to help the owner rebuild.

DOUG NOREEN: Without the community support, I don't know if I could have done anything. Extremely emotional. The support has been overwhelming.

JASON DERUSHA: Yeah, I bet. That's Doug Noreen, the owner who sponsored this party to thank the community for all the support. Watch for this. They had the big thing covering it up. And then they pulled it down. A nice reveal at Red Wing yesterday.

Looking for something to do with the kids this weekend? How about hit the lake and try some fishing? Bring your bait, bring your fishing pole, and bring your sunscreen. Tomorrow, the start of the Minnesota DNR's Take a Kid Fishing Week. Yeah, bring a lollipop, too.

- Oh my god.

JASON DERUSHA: Oh my god. That's so great. So that's a pretty good one. Yeah, that's worthy of an oh my god, right?

- Here, you want to hold it up so your mom can take a picture?

JASON DERUSHA: In Minnesota, 15-year-olds and younger, you can fish without a license. But mom and dad still needs one. And sometimes that's an obstacle, so this weekend, everybody can bring a kid fishing. No license needed. And if you're looking for some good fishing tips and more information on it, we have a link to the DNR's fishing page at

One of the great things about Minnesota is we have so many places you can fish near your neighborhoods. You don't have to go to some fancy lake. You don't need a boat. You can go to a dock in the city, in the suburbs, all over the place, and take those kids fishing. So good luck out there. I hope you get one worthy of an oh my god, geesh, look at that one.

All right, let's see if you guys brought the funny for us this morning on another hot Thursday. Yeah, Jan Hagerman, it's the humidity, not the heat. Yeah, I think it's the heat. It's just legitimately the heat right now.

Oh, Katrina, this is why we stay through the winters. That's very good. That's a classic dad remark. Let's see if you guys came through with my favorite dad thing to say.

Annette says, I think the dumbest thing they say in the summertime is they can't wait till winter. And then in the winter they say they can't wait until summer.

- Have you guys been reading my emails or Twitter feed?

JASON DERUSHA: It's all the same, yep. At least it's a dry heat. Susan Lestina, yep. Yeah, I mean, it does feel worse when it's humid, I will say.

But you know what? You don't need to say it. You don't need to say. Everybody really latching on to the humidity. Yeah, I think that's right.

Oh, here you go. Bradley, most common response, well, you're from Texas. You should love this. Well, I lived here 16 years and wouldn't go back, so I don't love it. Thanks, Bradley. Mike has one for us.

- I do. I have a nerd one that annoys me only because I'm a weatherman. People often will say to me, not knowing that I'm a weatherman, just in the store or something, oh, can you believe how hot it is? It's like 100 degrees with 100% humidity.

Well, that is not physically possible. We would be dead if that was the case, because that would mean the dew point was 100. And the highest dew point ever recorded in the US was 90 at New Orleans and also Orlando, Florida.

JASON DERUSHA: 100% humidity.

- Yep, so stop saying that.

JASON DERUSHA: Don't say that. Don't say that. That's good. Thank you, Mike.

- Oh, thanks for listening. Nobody ever listens to me when I get into--

JASON DERUSHA: That's what we're here for. We listen no matter how nerdy your complaint is. We take them all here on the CBSN Minnesota Morning Update. Try to find something clever to say about the heat when you're out in it today. And we'll be back here again tomorrow. Thanks for watching.