CCBOE keeps HVAC repairs in-house

Apr. 19—The Cullman County Board of Education approved for the system maintenance department to handle HVAC repairs at Good Hope and Hanceville Middle Schools after bids came in over-budget.

In other business the board:

Accepted the resignations of Elizabeth Young, Phyllis Harris, Cathy Barnett, Stacy Brannon, Alecia Crider, Janet Sweatmon, Elsa Garrett and Patricia House, Sarah Harper, Kelly Taylor, Susan Sellers, Elizabeth Screws, Joan Faulkner, Mary Lawrence, Robert Gingrich, Sharon Twilley and Vicki Cornelius.

Accepted Leave of Absence requests from Alice Cantrell, Jordan Burns, Treyla Kessler and Tracy Bailey.

Appointed Kalina Black to the position of Behavior Support Assistant at the Child Development Center.

Appointed Christy Tapscott to the position of Library Media Specialist at Good Hope Primary School.

Appointed Leslie Wood as a temporary, part-time Elementary Intervention Teacher at Vinemont Elementary.

Appointed Ralph Oaks to the position of Summer School Driver's Education Teacher at West Point High.

Approved the following substitutes:

Amanda Buckelew, Chase Dupree, Nathan Horton, Alan Jones, Tiffany Lumpkin, Tammy McClendon, Phillip Patterson, Gabrelle Albano, Stephanie Bullock, Ruby Duke, Christina Flowers, Ashley Harris, Tiffany Jones, Rachel Murphy, Amy Nation, Kristin Quick, Rebonza Tolbert, Kristi Welton, Cheri Dixon, Dezirai Reeves, Shelby Abbott, Pippa Abernathy, Christian Baker, Ethan Barnette, Melissa Bell, Allison Frost, Amanda Golden, Bethany Jones, Alexandria Laningham, Jocelyn Mansco, Bridget Ratliff, Shanna Reynolds, Ashton Schaffer, Christopher Sinyard, Kristin Stiles, Kasey Thomas, Maria Vogt, Mark Washington and Heather Winger.

Approved the salary change of Lexi Sullivan to reflect her Master's Degree.

Added Middle School baseball to the contract of Nathan Perry.

Added Softball Assistant to the contract of Madisen Adams and West Point High School.

Added Boys and Girls Track to the contract of Terry Heaton and West Point High School.

Approved the following Non-Faculty Coaches:

Dakota Hurst (Hanceville High football), Nathan Perry (Vinemont Middle baseball), Brian Jackson (Welti archery), Madisen Adams (West Point High softball) and Kalynn Holcomb (West Point High softball).

Approved a request from Fairview High School to pay George Redding Jr. the second half of his extra coaching supplement in the amount of $2500.

Approved the request of Good Hope High School to pay the following for extra duties associated with football from Booster Club funds:

Richard Dillashaw ($1200), Matthew McCulloch ($1600), Tyler Hudson ($900), Patrick McDonald ($900), Phillip Keef ($1600) and Mitchell Witcher ($400).

Approved the following Summer/Reading Camp personnel:

Lead Teachers — $200 per day:

Summer Walker — Child Development Center

Julie Windsor — Cold Springs Elementary

Karri Moore — Fairview Elementary

Amanda Swann — Good Hope Elementary

Cindy Pearson — Good Hope Primary

Michelle Pender — Hanceville Elementary

Elaine Wren — Harmony

Cynthia Hawkins — Holly Pond Elementary

Nanette Clark — Parkside

Hayley Drake — Vinemont Elementary

Krystal Ayers — Welti

Vanessa Faith Helms — West Point Elementary

Jennifer Tucker — West Point Intermediate

Teacher — $180 per day:

Taylor Appling, Mark Armstrong, Angela Baggett, Lori Baggett, Rhonda Bagwell, Sarah Bagwell, Dana Bailey, Deresa Ball, Samantha Barbee, Katie Barksdale, Ashley Barnett, Kristi Barnette, Kimberly Bookout, Denise Brewer, Cassie Briggs, Judy Bright,

Emily Brown, Angela Calvert, Anna Calvert, Jeffery S. Carter, Anna Chambers, Lori Clark, Penny Collins, Emily Combs, Katara Davidson, Carla Davis, Jennifer Dickerson, Crissy Dingler, Melissa Donaldson, Sherry Edmondson, Amy Ellard, Shelia Evans, Karen Farley, Brandy Fields, Shawna Finley, Kayse Fondren, Anna Franklin, Amy Freeman, Haley Freeman, Tamara Gardner, April German, Kathy Gorham, Jeffrey Greer, Amy Griffin, Lendy Hancock, Haleigh Harbison, Cherrie Harris, Kristy Harris, Melanie Haynes, Jennifer Hays, Ashley Henderson, Karen Henderson, Leah Hoffpauir, Emiko Hogland, Elizabeth Holloway, Reilly Hood, Peggy Hudson, AnDrea Huff, David Hulsey, MacKenzie Hulsey, Amy Hutchison, Heather Jones, Jacklyn Keller, Brandi Kelso, Phillip Key, Sara Kirkpatrick, Robert Kusz, Julie Laney, Christina Lindsey, Teresa Looney, Heather Lynn, Pam Mack, Keisha Malin, Brittany Martin, Anna Mauldin, Melissa McCullar, Amanda McKenney, Lindsay McKenney, Mackenzie McKoy, LeAnn Miller, Letha Miller, Ginger Moore, Jennifer Murphree, Laura Newton, Cari Oliver, Paula Oslin, Barbara Owens, Tena Owens, Tori Pagan, Amy Page, Audrey Parker, Ashley Pichelmayer, Holly Pirkle, Teri Pitts, Jennifer Quick Macy Ray, Sarah Ray, Kendra Richard, Cynde Roberts, Anisa Rollo, Kristy Salazar Michelle Schlosser Lea Scott, Kristi Seal, Donna Sellers, Logan Sellers, Madison Sharpe, Monica Smith, Sonjah Smith, Deanna Stephens, Lisa Stevens, Marcia Stringer, Kayla Sullins, Hannah Sumner, Jessica Taylor, Terri Taylor, Jamie Tucker, Jessica Turner, Ashley Uhrig, Emily H.Vaughn, Hayden Voce, mAmy Wallace, Gwendel S. Waters, Julie Welborn, Tammy West, Madison White, Regina Wilhite, Emily Willoughby, Deidra Wix, Melinda J. Wood, Abbey Wren, Maria Wren, Jennifer Wright, and Tina Yovino.

Aides — $80 per day:

Brittany Arrington, Wanda Bennefield, Meredith Calvert, Kinley Campbell, Rachel Campbell, Kayla Drake, Amy Ferster, Kasmira Hand, Muriel Kanaday William Jochum, Lamanda Mapes, Julie Martin, Samantha McCain, Rebecca McKoy, April Moore, Sabrina Tidwell, Makenna Woodruff, Lynn Yarbrough, Susan Peinhardt, and Lori Wilson.

Custodians — $80 per day:

Bridgett Arnold, Sherry Duke, Susan Hand, Tina Harden, Nathan Horton, and Peggy Linton.

Approved the out-of-state field trip requests for the Good Hope and Vinemont Archery teams to compete in the National Archery Tournament.

Approved the out-of-state field trip request for the Cold Springs FCCLA to attend the National FCCLA competition.