CCBOE recognizes Hanceville math team

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Jun. 20—While many students are spending their summer vacation pushing any thoughts of formulas and equations deep into the back of their minds, the Hanceville High School Math Team are spending theirs being applauded by the Cullman County Board of Education on their recent State Championship win.

Ivan Conway, Jessica Marshall, A.J. Stevens, Brady Cleek, Logan Lisle, Luke Brown and Dalton Pirkle were recognized by the CCBOE during their June 15 meeting alongside sponsors Katie Brewer, Phamie Brown and Dana Lisle.

Kristi Barnette was also recognized for being named the 2022 Air and Space Forces Association Tennessee Valley Chapter 335 Teacher of the year.

Superintendent Shane Barnette also shared a short video updating those in attendance on progress to the district's various capital improvement projects. Updates on the individual projects can be found at Barnette has also shared that the website will soon feature a map highlighting each ongoing project that interested parties may use to follow progress.

In other business the board:

Approved the transfers of Wesley Black and Shanda Garner to their new respective positions of principals to West Point High School and Good Hope Primary School. Black was previously serving as the Assistant Principal at West Point High and Garner as Assistant Principal at West Point Middle School.

Approved to rescind the the previously accepted resignation of Norma Jeane Dodd from TEAMS Teacher at Hanceville High School.

Accepted the following resignations: Daniel Clark (Child Development Center), Keneiath Campbell (Cold Springs High/K-8), Alice Dutton (Fairview Elementary), April Jochum (Fairview Elementary), Kelsey Edge (Fairview High), Taylor Jones (Fairview Middle), Kathryn Day (Good Hope Primary), Marcella Creel (Holly Pond k-8), Corinne Williams (Holly Pond K-8), Brian McKenney (West Point High), Amanda Yearwood (West Point High).

Approved the following leave of absences: Sydney Shumaker from Cold Springs Elementary (8/3/22-9/14/22), Richard Dillashaw from the CCBOE Maintenance Department (5/26/22-7/29/22), Kylee Brock from Parkside (8/3/22-8/24/22).

Accepted the following voluntary transfers: Christy Brown(from Hanceville Elementary to Cold Springs Elementary), Carolyn Doss (from TEAMS teacher to High School Math teacher at Cold Springs), Regina Hallmark (from the Child Development Center to Fairview Elementary), Kristy Harris (from Elementary Teacher to Library Media Specialist at Fairview Elementary), Tiffany Pope (from Good Hope Middle to Good Hope High), Jessica Clayton (from Good Hope High to Good Hope Middle), Haleigh Harbison (from Holly Pond Elementary to Good Hope Primary), Taylor Powell (from Good Hope High to Harmony), Joshua Coffey (from the Child Nutrition Program to Maintenance Electrician), Jacky Douglas (from Middle School English Teacher to Middle Science Teacher at Parkside), Lauren Rainwater (from West Point Elementary to Parkside), Shae Elrod (from Fairview Elementary to Systemwide Elementary Teacher), Hollie Gutierrez (from the Child Development Center to Welti), Tara Twilley (from Hanceville High to Welti), DeeAnna Key (from Hanceville High to West Point High).

Approved the following appointments: Jessica Bartlett (Elementary Special Education Teacher at the Child Development Center), Laura Cole (Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Cold Springs Elementary), Meghan Epperson (Middle School English Teacher at Cold Springs Elementary), Emily Johnson (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Cold Springs Elementary), Kaytlyn Shadix (Elementary Teacher at Cold Springs Elementary), George Voce (Physical Education Teacher at Cold Springs Elementary), Amanda Bailey (Elementary Teacher at Fairview Elementary), Leigh Baughn (Elementary Teacher at Fairview Elementary), Tanya Douglas (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Fairview Elementary), Samantha Walker (Elementary Teacher at Fairview Elementary), Justin Balik (High School English Teacher at Fairview High), Tate Brown (High School Math Teacher at Fairview High), Jon Dumas (Access Teacher at Fairview High), Nina Moss (Secondary Special Education Teacher at Good Hope High), Phillip Nunnelley (Secondary Special Education Teacher at Good Hope High), Madalyn Wilbanks (High School English Teacher at Good Hope High), Jill Anderson (Middle School Counselor at Good Hope Middle), Whitney Mody (Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Good Hope Primary), Jennifer Woodard (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Good Hope Primary), Ashley Belding (High School Science Teacher at Hanceville High), Kathryn Risner (Secondary Special Education Teacher at Hanceville High), Jessica Vest (Child Nutrition Program Worker at Hanceville High), Amy Freeman (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Harmony), Julie Martin (Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Harmony), Madison Sharpe (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Harmony), MaKenna Woodruff ( Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Harmony), Jacqueline Black (Elementary Teacher at Holly Pond Elementary), Meghan Block (Middle School English Teacher at Parkside), Kendra Dowski (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Parkside), Sarah Finley (Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Parkside), Ashley Harris (Child Nutrition Program Worker at Parkside), Abbey Holcomb (Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Parkside), Meaghen Woodis (Elementary Teacher at Parkside), Kayla Boyd (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Vinemont Elementary), Annette Mills (Part-time Elementary Teacher at Vinemont Elementary), Sabrina Gilbreath (High School English Teacher at Vinemont High), Kaitlin McKissack (Secondary Special Education Teacher at Vinemont Middle), Kayla Drake (Pre-K Auxiliary Teacher at Welti Elementary), Anna Parker (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Welti Elementary), Chassidy Pennington (Pre-K Lead Teacher at Welti Elementary).

Approved Michael Nelson as a substitute bus driver.

Approved the following salary changes: Kate Crider (to be upgraded to reflect her Master's degree), Bridgett Arnold (upgraded from 187 days to 207 days), Jennifer McCartney (funding source to be changed from ESSER funds to State funds).

Approved to following non-faculty coaches: Jon Dumas (Varsity/JV/MS Baseball for Fairview High/Middle), Jeffery Lawson (MS Girls Basketball at Fairview Middle), Nina Moss (basketball at Good Hope High), Destry Stone (MS girls basketball at Holly Pond Middle), Nathan Finley (MS girls basketball at Holly Pond Middle), Madison Ballard (cheerleading at Vinemont High), Christian Smith (JV volleyball at West Point High).

Approved Luke Gay for summer work at the CCBOE central office and Callum Smith for summer work at Holly Pond High.

Approved the following as-needed contract extensions for the Summer of 2022: Candace Martin (Fairview Elementary), Robert Strane (Fairview Elementary), Ashley Uhrig (Good Hope Elementary), Bridgett Arnold (Hanceville Elementary), Patricia Wise (Hanceville Elementary), Susan Peinhardt (Harmony), Cristi Easterwood (Welti Elementary).

Approved to pay the following for up to five unused annual leave days, as per board policy: Keneiath Campbell, Kathryn Day and Amanda Yearwood.

Approved the request from Hanceville High School to pay Frazier Edmondson $200 for extra custodial work in June 2022.

Approved the request from West Point Elementary School to pay Jennifer Little, Tammy Simmons, and Julie Welborn $100 per day for disaggregating data, assisting with the Continuous Improvement Plan, and other duties during the summer.

Approved the request from West Point Intermediate School to pay Jon Bryant Farley $1,300 for refinishing the floors at the school.

Approved the request from West Point Middle to Jon Bryant Farly $2,700 for cleaning and waxing the floors.

Approved the following Summer Learning/Reading Camp personnel: Kristi Seal, Jeffery Carter, Meredith Calvert, Courtney Coots, Roxi-Ann Lee, Jocelyn Logan, Janet Sexton, Elizabeth Smith, Jennifer Tucker, Kristie Farley, Emily Creel, Lindsey Latham, Madalyn Wilbanks, Grendel Walters, Tammy Arrington, George Banister, Michelle Basinger, Chase Dupree, Donnie Holmes, Tommy King, Benny Livingston, Shelley Sanders, Janice Smith, Tiffany Lumpkin.

Approved the following Summer School personnel: Christy Dye, Aline Nicole Blackmon, Sherry Green, Paula Harbison, Ashley Marotz, Amber McGill.

Approved the request from the Child Nutrition Program to pay Shelia Morgan her current hourly rate for attending the ALSDE 2022 New CNP Managers' Training on July 28 and 29.

Approved the request from the Child Nutrition Program to add the Summer Feeding Program at Holly Pond from June 6-July 12 (Monday-Thursday).

Approved the request from the Child NUtrition Program to operate the Summer Feeding Program at Cold Springs, Fairview, Good Hope, Hanceville, Harmony, Holly Pond, Vinemont, Welti and West Point.

Approved the 2022-2023 Salary Schedule.

Approved the opening of a new section 16 trust account with PNC Bank.

Approved for all schools and central office to dispose of and/or sell by sealed bid and non-operational or obsolete technology equipment, classroom/library equipment, office equipment, furniture, televisions, and electronics for the 2021-2022 school year.

Approved a request from the Transportation Department to provide transport for "The friends of FCA" during the week of July 11-15. (All expenses including fuel and driver pay will be paid by the FCA).

Approved to notify certain certified personnel of the non-renewal of their contract for the 2022-2023 school year and request authorization to provide notice in writing.