CCCF celebrates 30th anniversary with month of giveaways

Aug. 27—The Cass County Community Foundation will begin celebrating the lead up to its 30th anniversary with "30 Days of Giving."

Beginning Sept. 1, the CCCF will begin a surprise giveaway program that will span the entire month of September.

"We are so grateful for the years of community support we have enjoyed that the Board of Directors wanted to do something to thank the community as well as feature our local businesses," said CCCF president Deanna Crispen. "The result is that for every day in September, CCCF will give away 30 of something to local organizations and citizens."

The foundation will be highlighting local nonprofits on the weekends and gifting items such as 30 sports balls to the YMCA or 30 children's books to the libraries. During the week, listeners will be encouraged to call in to the local radio stations at specific times to win prizes such as 30 appetizers at Bonus Pints, bowling at Myers Sport Bowl and tickets to upcoming events.

"We are grateful for the support and help from Allan James and his staff at Iron-Horse Broadcasting for coordinating the call-in program for people to win various prizes and gift cards," Crispen said.

Celebration Chairman Tim Rich said the CCCF loves projects that support local businesses and give back to the community.

"It's a win for everyone involved," he said. "Our committee has been working on the concept for several months and vetting ideas for the giveaway. By the time September 30 is past, CCCF will have awarded over $50,000 in support and prizes back into the community."

The CCCF will also be honored by the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 11:00A.M in recognition of the 30th anniversary. The recognition will be held in the CCCF Boardroom, 729 E. Market St., and light refreshments will be served.

The anniversary celebration will conclude with a gathering of former board members, donors and friends of the foundation at the State Theatre on Sept. 30. The event will feature Gates Discovery Award recipients such as Ian Hook and his original music composition and Alaina Sanchez sharing her original dance routine. The evening will also include a "$30,000 You be a Grantmaker" event where attendees can participate in a drawing to choose from a list of selected nonprofits and award a $5,000 grant.

"We are grateful for the many gifts that have been entrusted to our care and allowed us to grow our assets to over $32.5 million and to award over $1 million in grants and scholarships this year alone," Crispen said. "Our 30th anniversary is just a moment to stop and say thank you to all those donors, friends, and family who always care, always give, and believe in community."

For more information about the Cass County Community Foundation, please visit the website at or call 574-722-2200.