CDC advisory panel recommends Pfizer boosters for adults 18-49 with underlying conditions

By a vote of 9-6, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended boosters for those who have taken the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine “based on individual benefit and risk who are 18-49 years with underlying medical conditions.”

Video Transcript

- OK, seeing no hands raised, I'm going to go back to our ACIP members. As a reminder, your name, conflict of interest, and then your vote.

- Dr. Ault--

- Ault, no conflicts, yes.

- Ms. Bahta--

- Bahta, no conflicts, no.

- Dr. Bell--

- Bell, no conflict, no.

- Dr. Brooks--

- Brooks, no conflict, yes.

- OK. Dr. Chen--

- Chen, no conflicts, yes.

- Dr. Cineas--

- Cineas, no conflict, yes.

- Dr. Daley--

- Daley, no conflicts, yes.

- Dr. Cotton--

- Cotton, no conflicts, yes.

- Dr. [? Leher-- ?]

- [? Leher, ?] no conflicts, no.

- Dr. Long--

- Long, no conflicts, no.

- Ms. McNally--

- McNally, no conflicts, no.

- Dr. [? Paling-- ?]

- [? Paling, ?] no conflicts, yes.

- Dr. Sanchez--

- Sanchez, no conflict, no.

- Could you restate that please, Dr. Sanchez?

- Oh. I'm really torn.

- OK.

- I am Sanchez, no conflicts, no.

- OK. No. Dr. Talbot--

- Talbot, no conflicts, yes.

- Lee, no conflicts, yes. So I count nine yes and six no's.

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