CDC Announces New COVID-19 Guidance For Gatherings, Travel Ahead Of Easter Sunday

This year, some families will finally be able to get together for the Easter holiday after the CDC issued new guidance for group gatherings.

Video Transcript

- This Easter weekend is the first time since the pandemic began that health officials are not warning people to stay home and avoid getting together with their family members. Andrea Flores has more on how to celebrate and stay safe this Easter weekend.

ANDREA FLORES: Egg hunts and family gatherings are Easter Sunday traditions. This year, some families will finally be able to get together and celebrate the holiday as the CDC issues new guidance for group gatherings.

MICHELLE BARRON: We can see the finish line, but we're still two miles away.

ANDREA FLORES: Easter Sunday will be the first major holiday Coloradans can celebrate together as vaccinations open up to everyone 16 and older.

MICHELLE BARRON: When we talk about people being vaccinated, I think you really need to understand, where are they in the vaccine series? The key is that you're at least two weeks beyond your actual vaccination.

ANDREA FLORES: This week, the CDC announced fully vaccinated people can gather indoors without masks.

MICHELLE BARRON: We want to still think about like, well, who am I around? And yeah, all the adults are vaccinated. But are all the kids vaccinated? We know they're not. There's a lot of families that are probably going to be gathering with children. It's something to remember.

ANDREA FLORES: Fully vaccinated Americans are also allowed to travel within the US ahead of the holiday under new CDC guidelines. Dr. Michelle Barron, director of infection prevention at UC Health, says gatherings and travel should be approached with caution.

MICHELLE BARRON: None of us have a stamp on our head that says that we've been vaccinated. And so you'll have to assume that everybody may or may not be.

ANDREA FLORES: Even if you've been vaccinated, Dr. Barron says it's important to remember the pandemic isn't over just yet.

MICHELLE BARRON: It's like another layer of protection.

ANDREA FLORES: If you haven't been vaccinated, the CDC says the safest way to celebrate Easter this Sunday is to celebrate outdoors, maintain social distancing, and of course, wear a mask. Reporting in Denver, I'm Andrea Flores, covering Colorado first.