CDC Considers Revising Recommendations About 6 Feet Of Distance In Classrooms

The CDC is considering revising its recommendations about six feet of distance in classrooms.

Video Transcript

- CDC is considering revising its recommendations about 6 feet of distance in classrooms. A Harvard study released last week compared Massachusetts classrooms that spaced masked students 3 feet apart and 6 feet apart. The researchers found there was no difference in COVID-19 transmission. The CDC director says the agency is looking into it.

ROCHELLE WALLENSKY: As soon as we put out our guidance, among the biggest challenges that we were aware of was the fact that schools were having a hard time with the 6-foot guidance. And that, of course, prompted more studies to say, is 6 feet necessary in the context of mask wearing.

We are looking at these data carefully. The question actually prompted more studies to be done. So we know more are forthcoming. We're taking all of those data carefully and revising our guidances in that context.

- The World Health Organization recommends a distance of 1 meter, which is just a little more than 3 feet. The state of Massachusetts is telling school districts that they only need to provide 3 feet of space. David?