CDC: Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Need To Wear Masks, Socially Distance In Many Indoor Situations

The CDC is updating its guidance to say that fully vaccinated people can forgo their masks and social distancing in many indoor situations.

Video Transcript

- North Texans are reaching to-- reacting, rather, to the news tonight. Some say that they'll be wearing the masks, and in some cases you'll still have to, depending on where you go. Here's our Erin Jones.

GREG BOSWORTH: I'm excited for it.

ERIN JONES: Greg Bosworth has longed for this moment.

GREG BOSWORTH: I've been vaccinated, and if they've given me the green light, then I'm going to feel confident going forward.

ERIN JONES: The CDC says given the drop in COVID-19 cases, scientific data on the performance of vaccines, and the understanding of how the virus spreads--

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large or small, without wearing a mask or physical distancing.

ERIN JONES: But there are some exceptions. It's recommended that you still wear masks in airplanes, buses, trains, and health care facilities. People with compromised immune systems should talk to their doctors about what's best for them. Unvaccinated people still remain at risk, and it's recommended to still mask up.

DAMINICA RICHARD: I don't know how people will be able to keep tabs on that, even as far as knowing who has COVID or who doesn't or who's walking in somewhere still sick. I don't know how they'll be able to regulate that at all.

ERIN JONES: Daminica Richard says she'll continue to wear a mask in certain situations.

DAMINICA RICHARD: And if it's a lot of people or you're definitely not 6 feet apart, I feel like you should definitely be wearing them still.

ERIN JONES: And as far as private businesses go, they can enforce their own rules.

ERIC WRIGHT: And, I mean, if somebody say you can't come in their store without wearing a mask, I'll wear a mask.

ERIN JONES: Today the CDC director said there's always a chance the agency might change the recommendations depending on the current state of COVID. Health officials continue to stress the importance of vaccinations and reaching herd immunity. In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS 11 News.