CDC Issues Guidelines On Safe Easter Celebrations

As millions of people have received COVID-19 vaccines, the CDC has issued new guidelines for celebrating Easter safely, KDKA's Bryant Reed reports

Video Transcript

BRIANA SMITH: And this Easter is the first holiday where millions of Americans are vaccinated for the Coronavirus. So does that mean you can shed the mask and celebrate with family and friends? Bryant Reed joins us to answer that question. And Brian, what-- we have new guidance from the CDC, right?

BRYANT REED: Yeah Briana, we do. And it's a sigh of relief for people who are tired of wearing masks. If you've been fully vaccinated against COVID, you can now gather both indoors and outdoors without having to wear a mask with people who have also been fully vaccinated. And when it comes to people who are unvaccinated, you can still gather with them but you must do it wearing a mask. And the CDC recommends that you keep it to one household at a time.

If you're still waiting on your second dose, the CDC also recommends that you stay at home. But if you do want to gather with friends, you can do that, but you should do it outside while wearing masks and staying six feet apart. When it comes to religious services, even if your church is holding in-person service, it's best to stay home and watch online. Local doctors say they understand it's been a rough winter and people want to get out, which they still can do, as long as it's done safely.

DR. WENDY BRAUND: Has been a long, hard winter, and certainly hope is on the horizon. And so, I hope that people will feel like celebrating. We do need to continue to do it in a safe way.

BRYANT REED: Now Briana, it's important to remember here that the CDC says even if you have been fully vaccinated, you're not considered-- excuse me, even if you have gotten both shots of the Pfizer Moderna, you're not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after you've gotten those shots. And the same goes for the Johnson&Johnson one-shot vaccine. You're also not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after you've received the shot. Live on the North Shore, I'm Bryant Reed, KDKA news.