CDC plans 'emergency meeting' over COVID-19 vaccine side effects

Yahoo Finance's Anjalee Khemlani reports on the CDC's plans for an 'emergency meeting' over COVID-19 vaccine side effects.

Video Transcript

AARTHI SWAMINATHAN: In the vaccine space, we're looking at the CDC convening an emergency meeting on June 18th to look at cases of inflamed heart for individuals that received the mRNA vaccine.

So far, we haven't really seen much in the way of concerning side effects there, and so this would be the first. And it really is a small fraction of the total. I think it's like 130 million people that have been vaccinated.

We've seen only 226 cases so far. Most of them have recovered, but there are just a handful that are seeing ongoing symptoms. So all of that right now going to be a detailed discussion next week, and we'll hear what they have to say about that and if any action is going to be necessary. Back to you.

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