CDC Says You Can Go 42 Days Between COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

Brooke Katz reports.

Video Transcript

BROOKE KATZ: In today's "Ones for Wellness," county health clinics and hospitals have either canceled or postponed COVID-19 vaccine appointments due to the storm. If you're worried about the delay in your second dose, doctors say you don't need to panic.

JOSEPH CHANG: Now having quite literally almost 100 million vaccines now given across, you know, internationally from Pfizer and Moderna, we now know that if you were delayed by a few days to a week or even two weeks that the effects should be exactly the same. So I really wouldn't worry about that, especially because our event, as far as our arctic blast here for the last few days really, in total is going to be less than a week.

BROOKE KATZ: And that's Dr. Chang with Parkland. He says the CDC allows for some wiggle room in the timeframe between the two doses and that it's OK for the second dose to be given 42 days after the first dose if you cannot get it in the recommended timeframe.