CDC warns vigilance as 3rd vaccine is rolled out

The Director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Americans to remain vigilant against the coronavirus as the 3rd vaccine is rolled out. (March 1)

Video Transcript

JEFF ZIENTS: We have three very effective vaccines, and all communities should have equitable and even access to each vaccine. As to the expected supply of Johnson and Johnson vaccine, this week we'll distribute 3.9 million doses. That is the entirety of Johnson Johnson's current inventory. We're getting these doses out the door right away to ensure vaccines get into arms as quickly as possible.

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: The Janssen vaccine is a much needed addition to our toolbox and increases the number of vaccine doses available and makes it possible for more people to get vaccinated and protected from COVID-19. It also offers several unique benefits. It's a single dose vaccine that provides COVID-19 protection with just one shot. That can help fully vaccinate people who may have difficulty or who are not interested in returning for a second dose.

Today, as a unified nation and as individuals, including whether and when to get vaccinated, will determine how quickly we can stop this pandemic and what life will look like in the coming months ahead. The most important thing you can do is to be ready to get the vaccine that is available to you. It will help protect us all from COVID-19.

At the same time, I want to really keep our eye on the fact that our cases are increasing right now slightly, but they are. And so the goal is not to sort of open up travel, open up all of these things because we're scaling up vaccination. The goal of those first 100 days has always been to make sure that we are in a place to be out of this pandemic. At 70,000 cases per day, we're not in that place right now.