Cedar Creek Lake Literary Club supports library

Jan. 7—The Cedar Creek Lake Literary Club hosted its Dec. 13 meeting in the Cedar Creek Library.

The Literary Club presented a check for $890 to Sondra Price of the Cedar Creek Library, reflecting the money raised through the Bridge Tournament in November. The Literary Club views the support of the Library as one of its primary activities throughout the year.

The featured program was the ever-popular Panther Edition singers and dancers from Mabank High School. Delightful renditions of songs related to the Christmas season highlighted the event.

Hospitality refreshment provided by: Fran Sonka (Chair), Sondra Price, Lucy Smith, Linda Lomonaco, Patty Raasch, and Gloria Wood.

Door prize winners were: Brenda Hogue (basket of food and gift certificate), Lark Hughes (Cornucopia), and Carol Penn (holiday wall hangings)

The next meeting of the Literary Club is set for 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 10, in the Cedar Creek Library. The speaker will be Susan Boone, presenting "The Hello Girls: America's First Women Soldiers" by Elizabeth Cobb. These women were masters of the latest technology in World War I: the telephone switchboard. General Pershing sought their help to keep telephone communications going in battle. One woman was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. This should be a most informative presentation.