Celebrate American Supercar Glory In This 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition

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This one of 343 car is up for grabs!

The first generation of the Ford GT has grown in popularity since the supercars first ran new. Some didn’t realize how desirable these cars would become when they were brand new, but the appreciation of the Ford GT has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Few vehicles inspire the reaction of the Ford GT when they come up for sale, and this is especially true for the Heritage Edition models. Ones like that special edition of the limited run GT being sold by Bonhams are worthy of any collection.

When production was running on the first generation Ford GT, the cars were limited to just 4000 total vehicles produced. Of these cars, only 343 Heritage Edition GT cars were made in 2006, making this car a rare sight to behold.

This American supercar is an evolution of the iconic GT40, while being slightly bigger to make entry and driving a little more consumer friendly than the full blown race version. The JW Automotive/Gulf Oil livery throwback livery and paint scheme is a hat tip to that used on the GT40 that dominated the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans - known officially by Ford as the Heritage Paint Livery Package (68G).

An evolution of technology is evident as well, with the best technologies and mid-engine, supercharged 550-horsepower powertrain mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Braking and suspension is superior as well, making this collectible something you’ll never want to leave in the garage.

Bonhams will offer this 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition duding the The Amelia Island Auction, starting at 11:00am eat on May 20th. You can see it here now.

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