Celebrate Year of The Dragon at Vietnamese Lunar New Year in Seattle

The Seattle Center hosts a series of festivals from different countries. This weekend, you can celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is partnering with Tết in Seattle to celebrate the cultural traditions of Vietnamese Americans.

“For two days, attendees gain a glimpse into the spirit and energy of Vietnam through arts, music, hands-on experiences, and performances unique to Vietnam,” writes the Seattle Center’s website. “

There will also be Vietnamese food, lion dances, a curated ‘ao dai’ fashion show, and an all-inclusive health fair. The health fair will have free services, screenings, and medical support.

“The traditional Vietnamese dress, known as the ‘ao dai’, is a key feature of the Lunar New Year as it showcases the beauty of traditional Vietnamese fashion,” writes the center’s website.

Tết happens on the first day of Lunar New Year, around late January to early February. There is a three to five-day celebration with pops of red and yellow, seen as lucky colors.

“During this period, families reunite and put aside the past year’s struggles and pray for blessings in the year to come,” writes the Seattle Center’s website. “Homes are cleaned, fresh clothes are donned, and streets are decorated in preparation for Tết. In every home, altars are set up to welcome ancestors with a full spread of Vietnamese dishes unique to Tết, such as bánh tết, bánh chung, and more.”

For a full schedule of events, go here.