To Celebrate Flag Day, the White House Tweeted a Weird Picture of Trump Hugging Old Glory

Gabrielle Bruney
Photo credit: Joe Raedle - Getty Images

From Esquire

President Trump’s fondness for getting to second base with the American flag is among his stranger predilections, one that you might assume wouldn’t necessarily be celebrated on official government social media accounts. But nope! Rather than marking Flag Day with a nice photo of the Red, White and Blue flying high over a quaint schoolhouse or some amber waves of grain, the official White House Twitter account decided to pay tribute to Old Glory by posting a photo of Trump wrapping his arms around the flag in a loving embrace.

Trump himself took to Twitter on Saturday to further honor the flag by endorsing a rollback of our First Amendment right to free speech. "All in for Senator Steve Daines as he proposes an Amendment for a strong BAN on burning our American Flag," the president tweeted. "A no brainer!"

The president was referring to a proposed constitutional amendment introduced by the Republican Montana senator and North Dakota senator Kevin Cramer that would permit Congress to make it illegal to symbolically burn the flag. It would require a constitutional amendment to criminalize flag burning because the Supreme Court already found in a 1989 decision that desecrating the flag was protected under the Constitution's First Amendment right to free speech. The senators’ proposed amendment isn’t likely to pass as it turns out that changing the Constitution is pretty tough to do. At least 38 states would have to be on board, and there hasn’t been an amendment passed since 1992.

And Twitter users, of course, had an absolute field day with the White House’s bizarre Flag Day tweet.

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