How To Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

Although many of us look forward to Memorial Day weekend for the epic sales, backyard barbecues and boozy summer cocktails, let's not forget what the holiday is really about.

Video Transcript

- Some good news. If you're already dreaming about the holiday weekend, the fun has already started at some local attractions.

Get your sunscreen ready, because summer's unofficial start is here.

- We have a lot of great things planned throughout the year.

- There's definitely something for everyone.

- DFW's biggest attractions are preparing for a more normal summer season. Expanded hours begin this week without most of the pandemic restrictions. At Six Flags in Hurricane Harbor, masks are recommended, but not required for unvaccinated guests. Both parks will operate at full capacity with new entertainment.

BRAD MALONE: We're about to kick off our Best of Texas Festival, and we have all new shows that are going to be inside of the park.

- Six Flags will have fireworks at 10:00 PM. This Saturday and Sunday, and Hurricane Harbor will open its newest ride, the four story high Bonsai Pipeline.

MEG FULBRIGHT: For our little thrillseekers in training, this is perfect for them. My seven-year-old daughter has tested it out and has given it the thumbs up.

- We think this is going to be the place to be for the summer.

- Hawaiian Falls in Mansfield, Roanoke, and Waco open tomorrow. The rules are relaxed at all locations with masks and social distancing encouraged, but not required.

- Other than that, things should feel pretty normal.

- After all the twists and turns of 2020, pretty normal should feel pretty good.

RYAN FORSON: We feel like people are excited, ready to get back to it, so we're excited for the same.

- We are just ready for everyone to be able to come out, and fully enjoy themselves, and do so in a safe environment.

- I think everybody's excited. And if you can't wait at all, Hawaiian Falls, and the colony, and NR H2O in North Richland Hills are both open right now. Today is a good day to get out there. Here's hoping the weather holds out, though, for the weekend.