Celebrate Pi Day 2021 with circles, crafts, pizza

Celebrate March 14th, also known as Pi Day through various activities.

Video Transcript

- Today is Pi Day. That's spelled P-I, because today is March 14, which translates to 3.14. To help refresh you on what Pi is, Jana Frank of Mathnasium is joining us live this morning. Thank you so much for being here.

JANA FRANK: Thanks for having me. Happy Pi Day.

- Happy Pi Day. OK, so tell us what exactly is Pi and why it's so important.

JANA FRANK: Absolutely. So Pi is a very [AUDIO OUT] number in math. It's right behind me. You might be able to see it. This number is 3.14.

That's why we celebrate it today on 3/14. But it's actually longer than. Pi is an infinite number, which goes on forever. So what is Pi? Why is it so important? So Pi is the measurement of a circle diameter to its circumference.

So what does that mean? So if you took a circle and you measured its diameter, which is the measurement across a circle, and you measured that, and then you took that same string. It's kind of translucent. You can't see it very well, but you wrap that around the outside, which is the circumference.

It would go around exactly 3.14159 et cetera times, no matter how big the size of the circle. And so this is really important. Circles are involved in all things we engineer. It's how we got to Mars. We couldn't have gotten to Mars without Pi.

- That is fascinating. So when you think about trying to reinforce these math steps with kids every day and doing it kind of like in the household, some things that you can do to try and sort of get them thinking about this in a way that's practical?

JANA FRANK: Yeah. Pi Day is a great day to celebrate all things circle. So to sort of reinforce some of these concepts, we've got some ideas. First we've got these great series, it's called "Sir Circumference and The Roundtable". And these do a really good job of putting things into context.

You can read about his wife, Lady Di of Amater, who is the size of the circle. And her son, Radius, who is half the height. We got some ideas for some crafts you can do.

Again, because we are celebrating circles, we have these circle chains. And one of the things you can do is you can make each color represent a different number. And since Pi is such a long number, you can make this change as long as you want. So we've got red representing our three, orange our one, and then we got four, back to one, et cetera. And so you can make one of these to just go across a single window or your whole house, depending on how many digits you want to do.

- I love it.

JANA FRANK: Yeah. Similarly, we've got a way to accessorize with Pi. And so, the same idea, we have three beads, then one, then four, then one, then five, then nine. So you've always got your little key here to help you remember the numbers. So that's always fun.

- Exactly. A lot of options to make math fun for kids in a way that gets them active and learning and thinking about things in a different way. Jana, thank you so much.

JANA FRANK: Exactly.

- We appreciate it.

JANA FRANK: My pleasure. Take care.

- Absolutely. You as well.