Celebrate your vote with virtual ‘I voted’ stickers from Yahoo

It has become an Election Day tradition for Americans to proudly wear — and post photos of — the iconic “I voted” stickers distributed at polling stations.

But as the coronavirus pandemic is forcing many across the nation to vote early and by mail, some Americans may not be able to take that perfect post-ballot-booth selfie.

That’s where Yahoo comes in!

For all voters, but especially those voting remotely, Yahoo has created an innovative collection of “I voted” augmented reality (AR) face-filter stickers to show that they’ve voted in the election and to encourage others to do the same.

Each state has its own unique sticker that appears on the user’s cheeks. On one cheek is the classic “I voted” sticker. On the other, there’s a state-specific drawing of a symbol or item that the state is known for, like a crab for Maryland, a manatee for Florida, a pretzel for Pennsylvania and an armadillo for Texas.

While you can only vote once in the real world, feel free to share as many of your favorite “I voted” stickers as you like.

Here are the simple steps for finding and using your state’s AR face filter:

  1. After voting, click this link on your phone or desktop web browser.

  2. Select your state by clicking on the map or choosing it from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click “Try the face filter.”

  4. Grant the AR experience camera access.

  5. A brightly colored, state-specific “I voted” sticker will appear on your face. Try out a few poses and take some photos.

  6. Save the photo to your computer or post it directly to Instagram.

  7. Share the photo on social media to show your friends and family that you have voted in the presidential election and to encourage them to vote too!

If you haven’t voted yet, it’s not too late. Here’s more information about how to vote — early, safely and by mail in all 50 states.


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