Cell Phone Video Shows Police Standoff With Armed Suspect In Worcester

A Worcester police officer shot and killed a heavily armed man who threatened to detonate a bomb early Wednesday morning. WBZ-TV's Beth Germano reports.

Video Transcript

- A Worcester man who was heavily armed and said he had a bomb was shot and killed by police overnight in Worcester. Police say the man had called 911 and he claimed that he was going to detonate an explosive. WBZ's Beth Germano was in Worcester tonight with the latest.

BETH GERMANO: Police say it's one of the most stressful situations they can face and unusual for the suspect himself to call 911, but they knew what they were facing when they arrived here until the situation began to escalate. Cell phone video captures the tense standoff that played out for a couple of hours on Grafton Street Tuesday night. Police say a heavily armed suspect facing a SWAT team on the street after the man himself had called 911.

JOSEPH EARLY JR: The Worcester Emergency Communications Department received a 911 call from a man claiming they had a rifle and a bomb that he was threatening could and may go off.

BETH GERMANO: Police say the man identified as 31-year-old Phet Gouvonvong also had what appeared to be an assault rifle, wearing body armor with wires and a backpack that neighbors saw as he left his Hamilton Street home earlier that night.

- I did notice was a little bigger than usual. It's kind of boxy and then stuck a little further you know. I still didn't make any-- and nothing clicked.

BETH GERMANO: Both a dispatcher on the phone and police on scene we're trying to deescalate the situation with a perimeter set up to keep the public away.

JOSEPH EARLY JR: Made some furtive movements towards the officers. He had an assault rifle in as what the officers could see. He had explosives that the officers could see.

ANITA PEREZ: I heard the man yelling at the cops. I don't know what he was saying. He was yelling at the police and all of a sudden you just heard three, four gunshots and that was it.

BETH GERMANO: Police say several shots were fired as the suspect made moves towards them, striking and killing Guovonvong.

ANITA PEREZ: For that to go on for so long, they were trying to talk to him and he-- it was just getting worse.

- It's incredibly stressful, almost stressful as it gets.

BETH GERMANO: Police searched his nearby apartment and tried to reassure anxious neighbors concerned about the news of the possible explosives.

CHRIS DELISTO: Hopefully that there was nothing left in the house that was you know that was set to go off in case something happened or whatever.

BETH GERMANO: Police say that Guovonvong isn't known to them and they have not established any motive yet even through their negotiations. The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave. In Worcester, I'm Beth Germano, WBZ News.