Centerville Schools to host ‘run, hide and fight’ presentation tonight

Centerville City Schools has partnered with Centerville Safe, Centerville Police and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to host a free presentation about the, “Run, Hide, Fight,” approach to active threats, according to a news release.

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The event will take place tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Centerville High School Central Theater and is open to parents/guardians, students, staff and Centerville-Washington Township community members.

“School safety continues to be an important topic for our staff, our families and our entire community,” said Jon Wesney, Centerville schools superintendent. “Working with local law enforcement, our schools have adopted the run, hide, fight approach to active threats, and our students and staff are trained to make decisions that help them react appropriately during an emergency situation.”

If there were an intruder, students and staff should be prepared to think about their best course of action, such as evacuating the building, barricading the classroom, or fighting back, according to Wesney.

Officer John Davis of the Centerville Police Department will facilitate the presentation, the release said.

“What you do matters,” he said. “Your response can have a profound effect on the outcome of active killer incident.”

Learning to the run, hide, fight principles prepares and empowers people to put them into practice and survive should the unthinkable occur, according to the FBI.