Central CA reacts to state allowing indoor concerts, theater performances

In a matter of days -- indoor concert venues, performance theaters and convention centers can get back to business.

Video Transcript

GILBERT MAGALLON: In a matter of days, indoor concert venues, performance theaters, and convention centers can go back to business. Local theater veteran, Dan Pessano, managing director of the Good Company Players has been waiting in the wings for an entire year for this moment.

DAN PESSANO: But right now, today, at this moment, I'm feeling full forward.

GILBERT MAGALLON: The Good Company Players is partnered with Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater in the Tower District. Pessano says the latest changes to the state's reopening plan have given him and his team a renewed sense of hope.

DAN PESSANO: There's a lot of direction for events outside, but theater is inside. And so it means a huge amount because it basically says we can start planning.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Under the new guidelines, people must test negative or show proof of full vaccination before attending an indoor event. In the red tier, which Fresno County is currently in, venues with a capacity of 1,500 or less can open at 10% occupancy. Venues with a higher capacity can go up to 20%. Stricter attendance restrictions apply to conventions and conferences with the max indoor capacity of 100 people in the red tier. Officials with the California Travel Association say this is a step in the right direction, but nowhere near enough to resume operations.

BARBARA NEWTON: Until we get into the thousands and tens of thousands, we're really not going to be able to hire back our employees. We will not be able to open up our convention centers.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Officials with the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center released a strong statement expressing their disappointment in the state's reopening plan. It reads in part, quote, "The guidelines issued today do not help convention or entertainment centers at all and continue to send a misleading message to meeting planners, corporations, entertainment presenters and the like that California is closed for this business indefinitely."

Pessano says they're looking at resuming performances here at Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater later this month with a single-person act. He's also hopeful Fresno County will be able to enter the orange tier so capacity can go up. For now in the Tower District, Gilbert Magallon, ABC-30, Action News.