Central Texas Style BBQ serves Pearland through all conditions

Central Texas Style BBQ has been in Pearland for more than 50 years, and it's their mission to always be there for their community. Even when times are tough.

Video Transcript

- You know, it's kind of nice, just seeing a congregation of people in line for barbecue. As a creature of habit, in times like these, I look for anything that's normal. And obviously, few things in Texas are more normal than good barbecue. Now, Central Texas-Style Barbecue has been in Pearland for over 50 years, and they said serving the people, whether times are good or times is tough, is simply what they do.

- We open any day that we can. That's why we have our generator. And we know people need food, so it's-- we live close by. I walked, so however we can do it, we do it.

- Central Barbecue has been here for as long as I can remember. I've been here around this area for about 25 years. Pretty much all through Pearland, everything's shut down. But it's a good thing that Central Texas Barbecue's open, because that's one of the best places here in town.

- We have not closed at all. People need food and they need to eat, and we just hustle. We do whatever we can to get food. We haven't had a food delivery since last Friday. And my son has gone out every day and just gotten what he can at different stores and we've cooked it.

- I'm glad something's open right now, because it's kind of hard finding something, so-- If they have any brisket, yesterday they were out of brisket, I'm trying to get some brisket and maybe some chopped beef and chicken or something. See what they got. It just depends on what they have.

- We are at 50% capacity. So as long as we have tables and then people can come in here and eat. We love Pearland, and this is our 51st year. There's something about any kind of an emergency like this that just gives us extra energy. And so we just do whatever we have to do. We got to work 18 hours to get it done, that's what we do.