Central Unified superintendent arrested on domestic violence

The superintendent of the Central Unified School District has been placed on paid administrative leave a day after Fresno police confirmed he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Video Transcript

NATHALIE GRANDA: Yeah. Well Warren and Margot, the Fresno County District Attorney has declared a conflict of interest in this case, and it will now move to the Madera County District Attorney where they will decide whether to charge Mr. Alvarado. Now, the Central Board of Trustees tonight decided to launch their own investigation, but one student who spoke to the Board says she wants more action taken.

Central Unified superintendent Andrew Alvarado has been placed on paid leave just days after the educator was arrested on a domestic violence charge.

YESENIA CARRILLO: The Board did vote unanimously to place him on administrative leave, and we are going to be conducting the investigation.

NATHALIE GRANDA: The Board made the decision during their closed session meeting Tuesday night. Last Friday, Alvarado was taken into custody for inflicting corporal injury on a family member, as well as having an outstanding warrant for failing to secure payment and contracting without a license. Action News dug into Alvarado's past and found two prior DUI convictions, as well as a conviction for providing alcohol to someone on a school campus in 1991, but that was later dismissed.

COURTNEY YRIBARREN: I urge you to go further than that. I urge you to call for his resignation.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Courtney Yribarren, a Central West student and a member of the Coalition for Academic Interest and Reform, says the arrest was alarming and wants more to be done.

COURTNEY YRIBARREN: We never felt particularly hurt by the superintendent, but domestic abuse really came out of left field. Hurt the people they love over power in schools, over students, and with a lot of female principals. I just don't think that having those values in power in our District, especially in the utmost amount of power-- I don't think that that's responsible. I don't think that that's valued.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Board members did not say how long their investigation would take, but assure members of the District that they are looking into the allegations.

YESENIA CARRILLO: We will be investigating. So we just ask them that they really be patient, allow us to go through the process.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Now, we did receive a statement from Mr. Alvarado just moments ago, and it says that this is a personal and private matter that's now playing out in public. And he takes this very seriously, and is asking for privacy. It does go on to say that he will continue to fully cooperate with Central Unified and law enforcement authorities as this plays out, saying also quote, "I am confident that at the end of this process, I will be cleared and reinstated to my position," and that he looks forward to returning to work and serving the Central Unified community.

For now, live in West Central Fresno, I'm Natalie Granda, "ABC 30 Action News."