Centura Health Continues To Use Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines At Mass Vaccination Sites

Officials from Centura Health discussed what happened at Wednesday's COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Dick's Sporting Goods Park when the clinic was paused while several people experienced adverse side effects after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Centura Health and Governor Polis say the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe. That despite not knowing yet exactly what caused the adverse reactions to 11 people that prompted a mass vaccination site in Commerce City to close down early yesterday. CBS 4 investigator Rick Sallinger checking in live from Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

And Rick, we know there had been some reactions even before yesterday.

RICK SALLINGER: Yes, Jim. They were giving vaccinations earlier this week. And on Monday, they had three adverse reactions reported. On Tuesday, there were eight. But yesterday, the number went up to 11, with two people taken to the hospital where they were treated and released.

All had been going smoothly, when suddenly Wednesday the vaccine line was shut down, halted after 11 people experienced problems during a four-hour period.

SHAUNA GULLEY: Lightheadedness, nausea. A couple of people had vomiting. Some people had low blood pressure or hypotension, and those were the reasons that we transported to the emergency department.

RICK SALLINGER: One question quickly became, was there a problem with the Johnson & Johnson Janssen one dose vaccine batch? The governor jumped in.

JARED POLIS: There's very strong protocols in place just to make sure that there's no issues with the vaccine, and there weren't any issues with the vaccine and the vaccines are continuing today.

RICK SALLINGER: The lot of the vaccine has been sequestered for investigation. But so far, they will continue with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

SHAUNA GULLEY: All of the reactions that we saw yesterday have been reported previously in some of the studies with the vaccines. That said, we saw a rate that was higher than what we were accustomed to at all of our other mass vaccination sites.

RICK SALLINGER: At Denver's Ball Arena, people lined up, with many, like Mason Grande, who heard about the concerns at Dick's.

MASON GRANDE: I actually looked at that when I was driving in. And I thought, oh, crap. But upon further review, it was only a few people. So I'm hoping that was just a rare, rare occurrence.

RICK SALLINGER: If there's a new reluctance to get vaccinated, it wasn't showing here.

And now there is this. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine use has been paused in another state, North Carolina, after some 14 people reported adverse reactions there.

Live at Dick's Sporting Goods Field, Rick Sallinger, covering Colorado first.