CEO sparks debate over 'pawternity leave': 'The world has officially gone mad'

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A British CEO sparked a debate on Linkedin over whether employers should offer "pawternity leave" to employees who have just bought a new dog.

The founder of events company Boxpark, Roger Wade, asked his Linkedin connections the question with a poll earlier this month after he said an employee requested paid time off after buying a new puppy.


Some 61% of voters said the boss should not grant the paid time off, of 34,000 who voted. Thousands of users left comments, voicing some strong opinions on the matter.

“Have people lost their minds?! I feel this proposal discriminates against non-pawed pets,” one commenter said. “What about my goldfish? If a pet guppy gives birth does that count for paid time off too?”

“The world has officially gone mad,” another wrote. “39% of people actually think it’s ok to have time off for having a dog! This is an underlying issue with society, the fact that people feel entitled to everything. … It’s not your employers issue or responsibility. If you feel that burning desire to get a dog, change your circumstances to allow it.”

Others defended the idea of pawternity leave.

"It’s about the people and life events. If someone needs to do something to take care of themselves, a family member, a pet- I want to be able to support colleagues. Not everyone has kids, but we all have responsibilities. I’m sure there is a way that workplaces can support staff when these life events happen," a user wrote.

"Some people are not fortunate enough to be able to have children and having a dog is their fur baby and new addition to the family. Puppies also needs the love and support in their early days just like a baby," another said. "Having suffered, and still suffer, with mental health issues I am so grateful for the support that my company have given me over the years to assist with my wellbeing. 100% support your staff with their needs and in return they will support you and your company."


Wade announced that he allowed the employee whose situation sparked the debate to work from home for several weeks.

“Bailey and employee are both happy. Win win!!” Wade posted, along with a picture of the employee's dog.

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