C'est l'amour: Exhibit shows Paris in the movies

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Visitors look at the "Paris Vu par Hollywood" exhibition at Paris City hall during the presentation in Paris, Monday, Sept, 17, 2012. A new exhibit, "Paris seen by Hollywood" opens its doors in the city of light. It explores the silver screen's enduring fascination with Paris featuring clips and images tracing several decades of cinema history;from silent film all the way up to 1990's action movies. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

PARIS (AP) — "All good Americans when they die go to Paris" — so says a poster in a new exhibit tracing American cinema's enduring fascination with the city of light.

The exhibit, "Paris seen by Hollywood," opens Tuesday and displays rare movie storyboards, original sketches and original costumes such as iconic Givenchy dresses worn by Audrey Hepburn. It views the French capital through the eyes of the U.S.: The city of food, fashion, but most of all romance.

Hepburn's 1957 movie "Ariane,"— one of several films in the display — shows couples passionately embracing in the street ,even holding a baguette.

Curator Antoine de Baecque says "Paris in Hollywood is not the real city, it's a cliche. It's an American projection."

The exhibit runs at Paris City Hall until Dec. 15.