Chainsaw artist creates 'stunning' tree throne

An art installation created using only a chainsaw has been installed at a park in Evesham.

Shropshire artist Joffrey Watson, also known as The Chainsaw Bloke, completed the Abbey Park throne at the end of last month.

The sculpture, created from an old tree stump, pays homage to the Battle of Evesham and includes hundreds of intricate leaf carvings.

Wychavon District Council, who commissioned Mr Watson, thanked him for his "incredible talents".

The artist, from Much Wenlock, said the carving took him six days.

Despite having a few regrets after agreeing to carve around 300 individual leaves, he said he was very pleased with the final result.

Mr Watson, 43, said his talent with art came from his mum, who was awarded a scholarship from the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

He said: "I was always very good at art from a young age - from the age of eight, I was better than the teachers.

"But, I wanted to do tree surgery when I left school and I started carving the odd thing and it just progressed."

In 2015, Mr Watson started his own tree surgery business where he was able to do more carvery before that became his main job in 2022.

He now tours the country with his chainsaw creating sculptures like the one seen in Abbey Park.

Revealing the throne sculpture on its Facebook page, the district council said: "We are thrilled to announce that one of the beech trees we had to fell last September has been transformed into a magnificent Battle of Evesham throne!

"Thanks to the incredible talents of Joffrey Watson, aka The Chainsaw Bloke, this stunning creation now awaits you in the park.

"Take a moment to sit back and soak in the breathtaking views while feeling like royalty."

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