With challenges building for striking Detroit casino workers, council puts out donation bins

GREEKTOWN, Mich. (FOX 2) - Hollywood Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and Motor City Casino: "This is the other Big 3 in Detroit," said Mary Sheffield.

Referring to the wider battle of labor unions and big business in Detroit, the city council president relayed her support for the striking workers who have been picketing against the three casinos for weeks.

With cold weather settling in, the elements represent another challenge for the thousands of custodians, card dealers, and service staff striking for a better contract. Over the weekend, the Detroit Casino Council released a video applauding the progress that had been made, but argued there was still room for higher wages and better health care coverage.

With the autoworkers union strike in the twilight hours, the largest protest unfolding in the city is now the 3,700 workers, represented by five different unions. On Monday, the union continued protesting the three casinos at the intersection of Lafayette and St. Antoine.

To give them some help, the council has put out a donation bin at all three striking locations.

"Our pay is down. We’re limited on funds. So, it’s nice to see everybody rally and help us out," said Tiaudra, one of the casino's striking workers.

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The bins will be out for the duration of the strike.

"I’m glad everybody out here is trying to help us since we’re on strike," said Raeshawn Binder, a member of the Detroit Casino Council. "We need the support, and we’re trying to do our best."