New Challenges For Some DFW Area Schools After Winter Storms

Jason Allen reports from Fort Worth.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: First off tonight, some new challenges for some schools amid this already chaotic year. Fort Worth ISD, they do plan to reopen most of their schools for students by Wednesday this week. At some campuses, though, in Fort Worth and other districts, the damage from the winter weather is just too extensive. Jason Allen brings us up to date.

JASON ALLEN: Work crews moved in and out of North Side High School in Fort Worth, soaking up water from broken pipes, then drying out the building. It was the same story, at different levels of severity, at schools all over North Texas Monday.

TIM MCCLURE: What seemed to happen throughout the week is we would stop the water, and then the next call would happen. And so then we would split a crew off to go take care of that. And then the next one would happen, the next one would happen.

JASON ALLEN: In Northwest ISD, facility superintendent Tim McClure told us his team was still finding leaks today. A portable building at an elementary school was the latest. But enough is fixed to reopen all 30 of the district's campuses tomorrow.

Beyond just drying out rooms, schools are having to make sure bathrooms, kitchens, fire protection systems are all working across dozens of campuses.

TIM MCCLURE: We immediately shut it back down, go try to find the wet spot, make that fix, and then load it again. So it's a timely process when you're going to campus by campus to get all those systems back up.

JASON ALLEN: Fort Worth ISD, they will still have three elementary school campuses that will not be ready to reopen this week. Arlington ISD expects as many as nine campuses won't be ready when most students return on Thursday. Eagle Mountain-Saginaw expects most campuses will reopen Tuesday, but was still making some decisions tonight.

And even in buildings cleared to reopen, the repairs may not be done.

TIM MCCLURE: I mean, it'll probably be the next couple of weeks we'll be going back and just repairing things that have been turned off but still allow us to run our buildings.

JASON ALLEN: In Fort Worth, Jason Allen, CBS11 News.