Chamber Of Commerce Helps Businesses 'Embrace The New Normal'

Abhinanda Datta

ROMEOVILLE, IL — The Romeoville Chamber of Commerce is helping businesses reopen as Illinois moves into Phase 3 of Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Reopen Illinois plan.

It has created a ribbon retying event that member businesses can select and this helps re-establish them in the community after the coronavirus-induced hiatus.

"We come out to their business and broadcast on Facebook live and announce that they are back open," said Lenny Criddle, president of the Romeoville Chamber of Commerce.

The RACC has also constantly shared relevant information with local businesses that helped them prepare for the reopening, from sharing links about online webinars to specifying ways on how to keep customers safe.

Criddle said businesses are very excited to be able to serve the community again and are taking serious health and safety measures, following all the guidelines mentioned by the state government.

"We are balancing the concerns about safety with the needs for business to move forward and the economy to get back on track," he said. "We have worked creatively with our members to offer online options and are eagerly anticipating things opening back up. You will be seeing signs around town of our support for people to get back out and shop locally."

Criddle also said the village officials have "been amazing partners for restaurants by waiving permit fees for outdoor dining, making it very easy for any business that wanted to open, to be able to do so."

Despite the state starting to reopen, there are new cases of COVID-19 every day. State health officials announced 658 new cases of the coronavirus Monday and 23 additional deaths. The statewide total now stands at 128,415 confirmed infections and 5,924 known deaths.

Criddle said it is important "for everyone to embrace the new normal."

"By safely re-patronizing their favorite establishments they are investing in this wonderfully diverse and rich community," he said. "The relationships, events, and businesses that exist in Romeoville were made possible by the residents. It is time to get back out there and support the community."

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This article originally appeared on the Romeoville Patch