Champ Camp for burn survivors returning to in-person experience next week

Since 1986, Champ Camp has provided a free, safe and fun summer camp environment for burn survivors ages 5 to 17.

Video Transcript

- Champ camp is celebrating 35 years and is ready to welcome campers back to winter Valley next week. Since 1986, the Alyssa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation has provided a free safe and fun summer camp environment for burns survivors ages five to 17. It's the nation's largest and one of the longest running camps for burn injured children. Because of the pandemic camp was held virtually last year, but this year 100 campers will make their way back for some in-person fun.

MCKENZIE DERN: Away from the stares, or bullying, or feeling like they're all by themselves. They're just they're surrounded by people who have been through similar situations and they just make these lifetime friendships.

CHRIS BRIDGER: When you see those kids grow and the confidence and it's pretty impressive and pretty humbling at the same time.

- More than 2000 campers have been through the program at no charge thanks to donations. Now for a link to donate, visit our website and mobile app and click on this story.