'We are changing our habits': Attenborough on climate activism

Attenborough has said people are changing their habits when it comes to plastic waste, following the global impact of the broadcaster's Blue Planet II documentary and the campaigning of young people.

"I think the world is waking up to what we've done for the planet and young people, as we know, are demanding that things should be done about it," he told the BBC.

Blue Planet, which has been shown in countries around the world since 2017, highlighted the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life.

The 93-year-old broadcaster also praised young people for taking action.

"It's their world that they're dealing with, not ours. I mean we've made a mess of it and young people are trying to do something about it," he added.

In September millions of young people flooded the streets of cities around the world to demand political leaders take urgent steps to stop climate change, uniting in a worldwide protest inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

In August this year tiny pieces of plastic - known as microplastic - were even found in ice cores drilled in the Arctic.