Channel Your Inner Blair Waldorf With the New Plazacore Trend

plazacore tiktok trend
TikTok's Preppiest Trend RN? PlazacoreEdward Berthelot - Getty Images

For the past couple years, it's felt like TikTok has more sway in the fashion zeitgeist than runways do—especially when we're talking niche trends. Case in point: Plazacore. Inspired by the iconic children's book character Eloise (who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York, obvi), this preppy trend is taking over our feeds.

Think: tons of tweed, hair bows and headbands, statement collars, and classic silhouettes. It's as if Blair Waldorf is once again the reigning queen of the Upper East Side—only now she has a slightly updated (yet still preppy!) wardrobe. Even if you weren't the biggest Gossip Girl fashion stan when the show originally aired over 15 years ago (!), I can assure you this latest trend is as elevated and chic as they come.

paris, france october 04 fashion week guest wearing a white jacket and a white skirt and black and white heels outside giambattista valli show on october 04, 2021 in paris, france photo by jeremy moellergetty images

Considering Plazacore is an entire ~aesthetic~, though, your environment can also play a part. Influencers (like @prettylittlefawn and @thesandraduran on TikTok) are even going so far as to create content at the famous hotel. (!) Of course, you can just as easily create the vibe with the help of a green screen, or by popping into whatever bougie hotel lobby is nearest you—but the videos are definitely fun inspo.

dusseldorf, germany february 06 a low bubble ponytail hairstyle, a black bow hair clip by chanel and a black and white bag by chanel as a detail of influencer gitta banko during a street style shooting on february 6, 2021 in dusseldorf, germany photo by streetstyleshootersgetty images
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Luckily for anyone wanting to lean into Plazacore this season, it isn't just TikTok influencers channeling Eloise: All your favorite fashion brands and designers—from affordable to splurge-worthy—are taking note. So go ahead, raid your grandma's closet for her vintage tweed, clutch those pearls, and embrace the Peter Pan collar. The trend is officially e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

time to get ~the look~

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