Chaotic scene at Colorado grocery store following report of active shooter

Witnesses described a chaotic and frightening scene following reports of an active shooter at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. CBS Denver’s Conor McCue has more.

Video Transcript

- He's on the scene in Boulder. Conor, tell us what you're seeing.

CONOR MCCUE: Yeah, it is still quite active here. There are plenty of different officers from all over the Denver metro area. We have multiple SWAT teams and multiple mobile units, helicopters, everything you can imagine at the scene here in the south side of Boulder. An active shooting situation at the King Soopers. We've spoken to a number of people who have been outside the store, inside the store, all throughout this. One gentleman who was inside the store tells us he heard several loud bangs. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it was enough for him to start running. He says it was both chaotic but orderly scene as people grabbed each other's hands and got out of this store and to safety.

We also just talked to another gentleman whose son-in-law and two granddaughters were inside the store. They were there to get a COVID shot. They saw someone get shot, ran away, and hid in a storage closet for at least an hour before they were able to get to safety as officers came in from multiple areas to bring them out of here. Again, it is quite active here. We are still trying to learn if everyone is in custody. We know one person was taken out in handcuffs. We were also working to learn how many people, if any, are injured in this.

- Conor McCue with KCNC, our Denver affiliate. Reporting live from Boulder, Colorado. We thank you.