Charges against Adiah Bradberry dismissed

Jan. 24—HENDERSON — District Attorney Mike Waters dismissed a murder charge against one Adiah Bradberry on Monday.

Prior to that decision, Bradberry was charged with murder in relation to the death of Michael Bowes, who was found dead in his car due to gunshot wounds in 2017. Bradberry was alleged to have been the driver for John Jefferson and Tynetta Mayfield, who both pleaded guilty. The latter testified against Bradberry, who allegedly drove them to and from the crime scene.

In North Carolina, as with other states, anyone who participates in a crime that results in a homicide is liable for the death. Bradberry had gone to trial, but the jurors were deadlocked in May 2022 and Senior Resident Superior Court Judge John Dunlow declared a mistrial.

The dismissal is due, at least in part, to questions surrounding witness Deputy Stephen Staton's credibility.

"The [DA's] office will not call Staton as a witness because he has refused to testify into a criminal probe into his own behavior," reads the document officiating the dismissal. "Issues as to Staton's credibility cannot be fully addressed until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings against Staton."

Staton is one of three deputies charged with skirting civil asset forfeiture law, pressuring the owner of a 2007 Cadillac STS that had been involved in a chase to sign it over to the Vance County Sheriff's Office. That case has been ongoing since 2020.