Charges: Landfall woman stabbed boyfriend over Tinder app, grabbed handle of deputy’s gun during arrest

A Landfall woman stabbed her boyfriend with a piece of glass after finding a dating app on his phone and then tried to disarm a Washington County sheriff’s detective of his gun during her arrest, charges allege.

The woman’s boyfriend reported March 1 that she stabbed him at their Landfall residence earlier in the day in front of their 2-year-old child. He said it happened during an argument that began after she found the Tinder app on his phone, charges say.

He said she smashed a broken window, grabbed a shard of glass and began swinging it at him, charges say. He said he held up his left arm to block her slashes until he was able to grab her hands and make her drop the glass. He had several cuts to his forearm.

Detectives spoke with the woman at her workplace and she admitted stabbing her boyfriend with glass after discovering that he was cheating, charges say. She had a bandage on her right hand and said she “sliced” it during the assault.

When detectives told her she was under arrest and tried to put her in handcuffs, she tensed up her body and tried to pull her arms away. She was brought to the ground and “continued to resist and scream for the detectives to get off of her,” charges say.

The woman began moving her hands near a detective’s waist, where his firearm was concealed and holstered. She grabbed on the handle of the firearm and attempted to draw the firearm out of its holster, charges allege.

She was given “several loud, clear commands to let go of the firearm to which she did not comply,” charges state. Detectives were able to remove her hand from the gun.

She was charged March 2 with attempting to disarm a peace officer and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. She appeared in court on the charges March 3 and bail was set at $50,000 bail or $10,000 with conditions, which include that she have no contact with her boyfriend and their residence. She remained jailed Monday.

A call to her attorney for comment was not immediately returned.

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