Charges: Mankato woman allegedly assaulted teen with fire extinguisher

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Aug. 29—MANKATO — A Mankato woman allegedly struck a teen in the head with a fire extinguisher, leading to an assault charge.

Morgan Elizabeth Westerfield, 31, was charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor disorderly conduct last week in Blue Earth County District Court.

Teens were reportedly "rough housing" outside an apartment Aug. 22 when Westerfield yelled out her window using racial slurs, according to a criminal complaint. After the group yelled back, Westerfield is accused of confronting them outside, going back in to get the extinguisher, then coming out again to spray it at them.

One person is the group had marks on her face and reported Westerfield struck her twice.

Westerfield told police the group was shouting racial slurs at her and fighting outside. When one person in the group tried to hit her, she said, she got the extinguisher and swung it around while they attacked her.

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