Charging bull moose slams into man walking dog in Wyoming, officials say

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A man walking his dog on a bike path came face-to-face with a moose, Wyoming officials said.

The man saw the bull moose Friday about 50 yards away while walking his dog in Wilson, a town about a 20 minute drive from Grand Teton National Park.

“It was reported that his dog was at his side when the bull decided to charge him and knocked him down,” Wyoming Fish and Game said in a news release. “The man was admitted to the hospital for his injuries.”

Wyoming wildlife officials did not say what injuries the man had after the moose charged. They did not disclose his current condition.

Moose conflicts aren’t common in Wyoming, but they can increase during mating season, wildlife officials said.

“Game and Fish officials are warning people that it is now the fall mating season for moose, elk and other ungulates and to give wildlife plenty of room,” officials said.

Moose are massive animals, weighing between 800 and 1,200 pounds. They can stand up to 6 feet tall, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They are also “extremely curious” and want to check everything out.

Warning signs a moose is starting to get aggressive include laid back ears, raised hair on its neck and licking of its snout, wildlife officials said. Hikers should keep pets away and avoid animals that are acting abnormally.

“If a moose displays aggressive behavior or begins to charge, run as fast as you can and try to put a large object between you such as a boulder, car or tree,” wildlife officials said. “While moose encounters with people are quite common, moose cause few problems.”

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