Charity Navigator Gave Dorit's Cause, Homeless Not Toothless, A Failing Grade

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Photo credit: Bravo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Bravo - Getty Images

The women of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are generally loaded. So, naturally, they’re involved in charity work.

Well, Dorit Kemsley is affiliated with a charity called Homeless Not Toothless. And a gala thrown for the organization is at the center of drama on tonight’s RHOBH episode. Dorit pointed out in a preview that it included “a beautiful dinner party, all dressed up. So far we’ve had rage, tears, laughter,” but she’s hoping for “a little bit more laughter” as the night goes on.

Melissa Ethridge performs and there’s a special birthday celebration for Kyle Richards. And, of course, there’s more drama—because RHOBH.

OK, but what is Homeless Not Toothless again and how did it get that attention-grabbing name? Here’s what you need to know.

What does Homeless Not Toothless do?

Homeless Not Toothless is a charity organization that provides free dental care to people who are experiencing homeless. The doctors behind the organization have nearly 30 years of providing clinical dental services, according to the charity’s website.

When was the charity started?

The charity was started in in 1992 when founder and president, Dr. Jay Grossman wanted to provide more services to people who are experiencing homeless. “One day, while reaching for another dollar bill to hand out to another homeless man, Dr. Jay felt his business card,” the charity’s website says. “Not knowing if that card would or could make a difference, he went with his gut.”

Grossman says on the website that he told a man who was unhoused, “Let me see what I can do about getting you out of pain and replacing those missing teeth so you can function by eating and look good for a job interview. That’ll give you more benefit than my giving you a buck."

According to the website, Grossman did more than 100 procedures on people who were unhoused free of charge within seven months after the charity was started.

Why is it called “Homeless Not Toothless”?

The organization doesn’t specifically say, but it seems to be related to Grossman’s desire to help people who are homeless with missing teeth or dental issues.

How long has Dorit been involved?

It’s not clear. However, Dorit joined the board of the charity organization in 2021, according to a press release. (Sharon Stone is also a board member, BTW.)

Charity Navigator gave it failing grade.

OK, so…it’s important to point out that Charity Navigator, which is an organization that evaluates and assesses charities, gave Homeless Not Toothless a failing grade. It scored 54 out of 100 points.

That’s not great.

What does the internet have to say about it?

Plenty of people have also questioned online why there is a charity that focuses on dental work for people who are homeless and doesn’t try to solve the actual issue of homelessness.

Erika and Kyle had a laugh during last week’s episode about the name of the charity, with Erika saying it’s “just wrong.”

And plenty of people online also poked fun at the charity’s name. Just a few examples:

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