Charles: Greece has a special place in my heart

The Prince of Wales said he is “delighted” to be back in Greece, as he paid tribute to the country where his father was born almost 100 years ago. Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were guests at an official state dinner at the presidential mansion in Athens for the country’s Bicentenary Independence Day celebrations.

Video Transcript

CHARLES: My wife and I could not be more delighted to be back in Greece, which has long held the most special place in my heart. After all, Greece is the land of my grandfather and of my father's birth nearly 100 years ago in the centenary year of Greek independence.

Later it was in Athens that my grandmother Princess Alice, during the dark years of Nazi occupation, sheltered a Jewish family, an act for which, in Israel, she is counted as righteous among the nations.

Today, as in 1821, Greece can count on her friends in the United Kingdom. The ties between us are strong and vital and make a profound difference to our shared prosperity and security. Just as our histories are closely bound together, so too are our futures.