Charlotte Rescue Mission to renovate apartments for people overcoming addiction

The Charlotte Rescue Mission is spearheading a massive project to create newly renovated homes for people working to overcome drug addictions.

That means a makeover for a community in need. 150 volunteers are working hard to transform the apartments in Charlotte’s Druid Hills neighborhood.

Derric McElheney from Charlotte Rescue Mission says the goal is to create safe, affordable places to live -- specifically for people coming off drug addiction.

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“We just want them to feel cared for, really just because they matter and they’re humans and they deserve as much,” McElheney said.

30 people will soon call the apartments home, once they complete their four-month addiction treatment program through the mission. Rent will be lower to help rebuild money management skills.

But before that can happen, the units need major renovation, with new paint, plumbing, floors and more.

Project leaders have thought about every detail, up to and including 50 yards of mulch, which will be used for landscaping and the playground in the back.

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Hyatt Hendricks with Anchor of Hope Sober Services is leading the charge with the more technical workload.

“The only thing we’re not having to replace are rafters in the ceiling, so everything else is getting replaced,” Hendricks said.

Eventually all the units will be complete with internet, appliances and furniture.

Hendricks knows how important transitional housing like this is, since he just marked one year of sobriety after a 15-year addiction to heroin. He’s just thankful to be here -- alive -- and giving back.

“The pride that you get from helping and being around a safe place and helping other people in recovery, you just can’t match that,” he said.

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