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'Charmed' Season 3

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CBSN Bay Area's Gianna Franco talks to Jordan Donica & Sarah Jeffery of 'Charmed'. Catch the series' third season on Friday nights on the KBCW at 8 P.M. PST.

Video Transcript

GIANNA FRANCO: The CW's "Charmed" is headed to a new night, Friday night. And here to get you caught up on season three are stars as Sarah Jeffery and Jordan Donica. Hi, guys. Thanks for being here.


SARAH JEFFERY: Thank you for having us. Hi.

GIANNA FRANCO: So of course, of course. It might be a new time slot. But it still comes with all the fun the Vera Vaughn sisters are having, trying to juggle the real world and life in this magical world. Can you get us a little caught up, Sarah, on what people can expect?

SARAH JEFFERY: Yeah, I think you can expect a lot from this season, both emotionally, magically, relationship-wise. For my character specifically, she's really trying to focus on fostering her relationship with herself. But, you know, throw some curveballs in there. Obviously, there's Jordan's character. And they're kind of trying to figure out will they, won't they.

And then there's this allergy that the sisters are facing. And that's kind of the overarching enemy the season, at least now. But yeah, it's kind of representative of COVID times and what it's been like for people to lack physical contact. So I think that's been kind of neat to mirror that.

GIANNA FRANCO: Well, speaking of physical contact, it is actually very cool that you guys are mirroring that. But let's talk a little bit about this potential will they or won't they get together thing happening with your characters, Maggie and Jordan. Jordan, are we going to see some of that happening soon? I would love to see you guys officially together on the show.


JORDAN DONICA: Yeah, I mean, I think like Sarah said, a lot of things happened in this season. And I think we're going to get the opportunity to see them expand on their feelings for each other and just be with each other. And that's something else I like about these two characters is they always kind of know when to not push the other person further, you know.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit in silence. And I think that's very much where they operate. But we will get to see them expand and talk a little more about their feelings. But a lot of things happen that will lead us there. So, yeah.

GIANNA FRANCO: Very cool. We only have about 30 seconds left. For fans who love the original episode, how does it compare to this new episode-- or this new series I should say?

SARAH JEFFERY: The new version of it? Like version "Charmed?"


SARAH JEFFERY: Well, I think it's similar and different. [AUDIO OUT] --similar in the sense that it's the same sort of structure. And we have a lot of components from the original that we kept, you know. Power of Three is obviously like the big one, the charmed ones-- whitelighters, Book of Shadows, demons, demon of the week kind of thing.

But then we're also in a very different time now. We have different global issues. And I think something that's special about our show is we're not afraid to speak on them. So, yeah, it's different. We're in a different time. But we definitely do try to pay our dues, pay our respect to the original.

GIANNA FRANCO: Very cool. Well, you guys do a great job. Catch "Charmed" on its new night, Friday nights on KBCW 44 Cable 12. And if you miss it, you can stream it on the CW app.

Thank you, guys. Wish we had more time. Take care.