Chat live with renowned biohackers about 'hacking your body' at 12:30PM

At 12:30 PM EST, join Yahoo's Virginia Heffernan and biohackers Dave Asprey and Alisa Vitti

Biohacking -- treating your diet and your body the way a hacker might -- is an emerging trend among the technorati in Silicon Valley and New York. Can it catch on with more of the population? Is it for everyone, or just the elite on the coasts? And does it really work?

Yahoo! News' Virginia Heffernan examined the trend in this article, and now we want to talk about it. Join Heffernan, biohacker and Bulletproof Coffee Diet creator Dave Asprey and Woman Code author Alisa Vitti for a wide-ranging conversation on these topics and more, at 12:30PM EST/9:30AM Pacific. We want your questions, thoughts and comments, so make sure to tune in so that YOU can join in on the action.