New ChatGPT Interface Is Allegedly Popping Up on Bing

ChatGPT reportedly appeared on Bing's search engine on Thursday
ChatGPT reportedly appeared on Bing's search engine on Thursday

Microsoft’s Bing is introducing ChatGPT and GPT 4.0 to its search tool in the upcoming weeks, and screenshots of the what could be the new interface have surfaced on social media.

The screenshots show a search box telling the user “Ask me anything…” which then provides an automated response, including asking the user for their opinion. According to alleged screenshots of the ChatGPT tool’s responses, the AI also appears to cite its sources.

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The images seem to be a beta test which reportedly appeared briefly on Thursday before it disappeared. Student and designer Owen Yin posted on Twitter that he believed the new interface appeared on Bing, and included a screenshot of what he assumed will be replacing the old search engine.

“Bing’s ChatGPT integration just appeared for me. Replaces the search bar with a composer for natural-language questions,” Yin wrote. He added that the traditional search results are still there, but claimed there is now an added tab, allowing the user to start a chat with the ChatGPT tool.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment and has not yet confirmed if the screenshots are accurate.

Yin told The Verge that he hadn’t done anything to make Bing’s new interface pop up, saying he had only set his Microsoft Edge browser homepage to Bing, and the new AI popped up. “Didn’t do anything to find it,” Yin told the outlet. “After a couple of minutes, it stopped working ... Jaw dropped when I realized what I was looking at!”

Other users said they noticed a change to Bing’s search engine as well and shared additional screenshots of what they claim could be the new Bing. Nazmul Hossain posted two images of the alleged interface on Twitter, and wrote, “This morning I was experiencing the CHAT feature of Microsoft Bing search and then a few moments later disappeared it.”

ChatGPT launched in November, becoming available to the public, and very likely became the fastest-growing app in history when it reached 100 million users in the first two months. In the wake of ChatGPT’s popularity, search engines including Microsoft and Google have accelerated their plans to incorporate AI tools into the user experience.

Microsoft will reportedly announce the new version of Bing in the coming weeks.

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