Chauvin trial: Defense and prosecution rest after final rebuttal testimony

The evidence is in at the trial of Derek Chauvin, charged in the death of George Floyd, and the judge has told jurors to plan for long deliberations.

Video Transcript

TAMI ABDOLLAH: The defense formally rested its case today. The prosecution brought up rebuttal witness, Dr. Martin Tobin, to testify on some points that were made yesterday by defense witness, Dr. Fowler.


- How would you classify the manner of death?

- I would fall back to undetermined.


TAMI ABDOLLAH: Fowler, their key witness, had testified that George Floyd died of heart disease issues and that may have also suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. Dr. Tobin told jurors that it was not possible for George Floyd to have suffered a carbon monoxide poisoning, because a sample of blood from his wrist had been taken after his death and it found his oxygen saturation levels to be at 98%.


- But 2% of carboxyhemoglobin is within the normal range. You and I have levels of carboxyhemoglobin of somewhere between 0 and 3.

- And so in other words, as to the statement that his carboxyhemoglobin could have increased by 10 to 18%, in your view that's not possible.

- It's simply wrong.


TAMI ABDOLLAH: The jurors are off until Monday. Judge Cahill has told them to pack a bag and be prepared for long deliberations, and hope that it may be short. The jurors will be sequestered as soon as closing arguments are completed on Monday by both the defense and the state.